Oh America, All Your Base Are Belong To U.S.A.

Politics:  The other white meat.

People like to talk about freedom and humanitarian needs quite a lot. And usually at the expense of others freedoms and liberties. Because what’s good for you must be good for everyone else.

There are no more moderates left in our government. Everyone has gone extreme. You all claim your path is the only way. Have you ever considered you don’t have to be on the extreme left or right to garner worthy governing of the people? You’re too caught up in your own beliefs to allow others the freedoms from your own.


There is no longer a middle ground with the average American. We aren’t open to the ideas of someone with a differing opinion or belief. We aren’t open to understanding and knowledge from opposing parties. If a democrat thought it up, republicans hate it. If a republican thought it up, democrats hate it. Not on merit, but because of political affiliation. And no other party stands a snowballs chance in hell.

Let me know when you kids decide to use knowledge, information and intelligence in your discourse; to stop spinning shit and utilizing smear campaigns instead of campaigns of merit and accomplishment. If and when that happens, I’ll gladly join in on your political conversations and debates.

I disagree with both major parties, but I’ve seen parts of each that I agree with. While I dislike a lot of the Libertarian extremists, I’m Libertarian.

I’ve been guilty of knee jerk reactions based on political affiliation in the past and I’m doing my best to stop, listen, analyze and form an opinion based outside of political affiliation. How about you?

Have I mentioned I’m embarrassed to be an American most of the time?  I’ll leave that blog post for another time.  Maybe I’ll even partake in the political arena and share my beliefs on the Facebook issues.

That should be an actual term:  Facebook Issues – Political issues readily available on Facebook posts based on memes, motivational and spiritual quotes and misinformation.  Typically without fact checking, investigation or debate.


Dealing With Death Ain’t Easy

In August a very close friend of mine died. This last month has been rough as fuck for me as I can’t get seem to let it go. I didn’t really talk to anyone about it so much and I shut it down as soon as I was capable.

This isn’t a shout for sympathy, just feeling the need to let some of it out. Our mutual friends are worlds apart so we can’t really sit down and talk about her or have some sort of memorial. It weighs heavily on my heart.

Some of you were there when I learned the news, so you know how fucking hard this moment in life hurt.

She had planned to move back to Oregon, we were going to get a place together, we were close as fuck for a long time.

I feel very selfish about it all and don’t want to share any of it, but if I don’t I’m going to lose my mind to grief. I’ve been there before and I don’t ever wish to be in that place in life again.

Call this therapeutic or some shit. I don’t wear my heart on my sleave and I don’t share my actual pain or misery. At least not since dad died.


Pictures of my daughter with Koko:

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This is about my friend Korey.  She died last week in an auto accident.  

First and foremost; the world is a lot less beautiful and wondrous without her here.

She was enthusiastic, energetic, compassionate, passionate, full of exuberance and so many other things that made you feel special standing next to her.  I felt safe and secure with my innermost thoughts and secrets with her.  I never felt judged or frowned upon.  I felt comfortable and loved, relaxed and confident in her friendship.

I don’t need sympathy or pity, I need you to understand how incredible she was to me.

One of my best friends.  For a few years my closest friend til she moved away.  

She cared.  Sincerely and absolutely cared.  She cared when I needed it the most.  When my world fell apart she was there.

I wish we could have spent much more time together.

Koko, you meant the world to me.  Words alone cannot convey what you meant to me.  I feel incapable of expressing the amount of great sadness and grief I feel.  I love you so much.

I have thought of you many times over the last few years.  I’m so thankful we got back in touch again.  It wasn’t enough, but it will have to do.

Thank you for being an incredible friend.  Thank you for all you have done for me.  Thank you for putting a smile on my face when I thought everything was for naught.  

It was an honor to have you as a friend, to call me a friend.  People like you are rare.  

You are irreplaceable.  I have held you in such high regards for so long and for such ample reason.  I wish I could say all of this to you, now.  I don’t think I ever truly expressed how much you meant to me.

I will forever remember and miss you.  I’m heartbroken and devastated, shattered and feeling very alone.


Strip Club Shooting in Portland

Several hours ago a shooting took place in a Portland strip club.  A local news station posted a story about it on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151916131846448&set=a.385708841447.166792.180526851447&type=1&theater) As expected, a shit storm of stupidity and a lack of compassion ensued.

After reading through the first handful of comments I found myself shocked and unhinged by the absolute lack of compassion or decency in some people.

My response:

“What’s wrong with you people? It’s been said before, but I feel that maybe you need to read it again…

THESE ARE PEOPLE. HUMAN BEINGS. Your neighbors, your communities, your friends and maybe even your family members. These are people who live and breath as you do. They have the RIGHT to make a living doing this.

These people have been shot. Not yelled at, argued with, slapped on the hand, punched in the face, demeaned, exploited or any of that other stuff. THEY WERE SHOT. Not because they “deserved” it. But because someone decided to shoot them. Does it matter who they were? They have families and friends. They are sons and daughters. You know, people?

They aren’t doing anything illegal, they are working in an establishment that operates per State, City and County laws. They aren’t criminals. They aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be doing.

Serves them right?!? How is getting shot equal to doing something that YOU don’t approve of worthy of being physically harmed in any way? Do you not live in the same country as I do? We have laws. We have punishments fitting crimes committed (debatable, but that’s for another conversation) and I don’t recall a time in my life when getting naked was punishable by firing squad, or any death for that matter.

Aren’t we supposed to be a more intellectual and compassionate society in these enlightened times? Those of you who claim this was justified need some serious time with yourselves. Maybe you should take this moment to sit back and reflect on your own life choices and how they affect the world around you. You don’t have to like what they do, but you have NO right to tell them what to do. NONE. The simple solution has been said over and over for various different topics of debate. If you don’t like it, don’t involve yourself in it.

What does it take to get you to understand that these people are people? This isn’t a video game. This isn’t a book. This isn’t just some story on the internet. This is real life.


I’m sickened by those of you who cheer this. YOU are what’s wrong with our society.”

When you read through the comments (really hard to do) – one thing becomes crystal clear:  We genuinely care about each other in this industry.  An outpouring of solidarity and support from the Portland Sex Industry community.  I’m very proud of the community in which I ply my chosen profession.

We’re not the heartless thugs you imagine us to be.  We’re not a hot bed of gang activity and organized crime.  We really are just people.  We do what we can to keep the bad elements out of our environment.  It’s beneficial to us to keep crime at bay.  We want people to feel safe, have a good time and SPEND MONEY!  People don’t want to spend money in an establishment revolving around gangs, organized crime, thugs and the like.  We do our best to cater to those who enjoy our services.

We’re entertainers.  We’re bartenders.  We’re security.  We’re waitresses, managers, owners, djs, dancers cooks and various other people working to better our lives.  We’re people trying to pay our bills.  We really are just regular people.

I’m very conflicted.  On one hand I’m exceptionally proud of my brothers and sisters in the industry.  On the other hand I’m mortified at what society thinks of us.

I can only hope for the best in this situation.  My heart felt condolences to everyone involved in the shooting.  It’s going to leave it’s mark no matter the outcome.  I’m here.  Our industry is here.  We’re all behind you guys.  Much love to you.